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The Physical Therapy Spine Specialists.

Spinal Health

Whether you have back pain because of a herniated disc, osteoarthritis, or any other issue that is seriously impairing your outlook on life and your happiness, worry no more.

Home Exercise Programs

We apply graduated active exercises to strengthen tissues, muscles, and restore pain free movement for a long-term recovery.

McKenzie Method

Our physical therapists will use the McKenzie Method as a comprehensive clinical examination and diagnostic system to reduce and eliminate your spine pain.

Hands On Therapy

Our team will be by your side through your treatment sessions the entire time. Whether you are recovering from surgery, injury or experiencing pain, your needs are our focus.

Physical Therapy at its Best

Patient Resources

Our commitment to you

One-On-One Therapy

You will have all your treatment sessions with the same physical therapist!  We never use assistants or aides.

Individualized Physical Therapy

Each patient receives an personalized evaluation and ongoing assessment tailored to your specific needs!


Along with the best care, communicating with your therapist by phone or email outside of appointments is encouraged!

Insurance Billing

We gladly verify your insurance benefits, take time to explain them to you and bill your insurance for you.
I have been to many PTs and this is the first clinic to make a big difference in my progress and managed my pain. I received manageable exercises to do at home and I was very pleased with my therapist’s knowledge and work. I highly recommend you give them a try! Debbie S.

Fantastic gourd of therapists who are caring and knowledgeable! They are helping me in every way possible to take care of my pain. The space is very warm and inviting as well! Susan H.

The Synergy Blog

Treat Tight Hamstrings to Protect Your Back, Knees 

Treat Tight Hamstrings to Protect Your Back, Knees 

In an age when so many in the U.S. spend the bulk of their days seated and/or sedentary, one of the more common muscle imbalance issues involves right hamstrings. And while simply having tight hamstrings isn’t a major health problem in and of itself, the long-term...

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Dynamic Warm-Ups Reduce Injury, Improve Performance 

Dynamic Warm-Ups Reduce Injury, Improve Performance 

It’s generally understood by most that warming up before exercise or competition (i.e., that 5K fun run) is essential in performing your best while warding off potential injury.  What may not be universally understood, however, is what truly constitutes a proper...

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