McKenzie Method

Imagine you have the power to control your spinal pain and the ability to do your work and daily activities with out the fear of an episode of back or spine pain striking you down. Our physical therapists will use the McKenzie Method as a comprehensive clinical examination and diagnostic system to reduce and eliminate your spine pain.

Save time and money by learning how to control you spine pain and symptoms using the McKenzie Method. Free yourself from excessive medical sessions, expensive equipment, expensive tests and most importantly, avoid surgery!

The McKenzie Method is the best first step for your Spine Pain

Your physical therapy starts with a comprehensive, evidence based physical therapy examination. Then the diagnosis, prognosis and a treatment and prevention strategy is designed specific to the needs of your spine.

Creating Knowledgeable Patients with The Best Restorative Physical Therapy

Results start to show in as little as two to three visits.

  • Self-treatment for pain management – we work with you and teach you how to attack your pain yourself
  • Spine pain treatment that is backed by years of research, evidence and clinical practice
  • Restorative Physical Therapy driven by sound clinical reasoning for each individualize patient.
  • Active Physical Therapy performed with a Physical Therapist, Not passive treatments given by therapy aides.
  • Cost-efficient treatment for back and neck pain without expensive tests of procedures.
  • Non-invasive therapy for your spinal pain, no needles, no spine surgery
  • Lifelong preventative knowledge and skills to protect you should your back or neck pain try to return.

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How Does the McKenzie Method Physical Therapy Work?

Step 1: The Active Examination

As skilled Physical Therapists we listen to your detailed history and want to know how your spine pain started, what makes your pain better and what makes your spine pain worse. Then based on your descriptions we use an active spine examination with repeated movements and positions that are unique to the McKenzie Method of physical therapy and its examination process. This information about your spine establishes a clear understanding of what is the best exercise, position or hands on manual therapy technique is right for your spine. This creates a solid baseline to develop an individualized treatment plan for you.

Step 2: The Dynamic Diagnosis

You will be prescribed one specific exercise based on the thorough examination of your spine. In addition you will be given guidance for appropriate postures and behaviors to adopt or avoid to maximize the healing process. Our physical therapists will constantly re-evaluate your spine to observe how your symptoms have improved (or not) during every visit. This way we continue to progress, correct and modify your physical therapy treatment for maximum speed of recovery. In addition, the hands on technique act as a catalyst for your spine pain recovery.

Step 3: Reliable Intervention

By learning how to self-treat your low back pain or neck pain, you gain the practical knowledge about your symptoms and minimize the risk of recurrence and rapidly deal with symptoms should they try to return. So often our patients say, “I know exactly what to do in the future if may back pain starts to hurt again.”

Prevention is the Ultimate Goal

You are in control of your back pain!

Why the McKenzie Method for Physical Therapy, Back Pain & Neck Pain?

Imagine you have the power to control your back pain or neck stiffness and then regain ability to return to your work and your daily activities and your exercise routine.

You will not have to rely on needles, injections, medication, narcotics or surgery.

You will use your own skills and resources to control your back pain or neck pain with the knowledge you will learn from our physical therapists.

Best of all, with our physical therapists you will to have to spend months going to endless appointments. You will become the best physical therapist for your back and neck pain you could ever have.

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