Finding balance in play and work is integral for  to bring 100% of my mind and body to the work place.  To keep up with theses demanding levels of stress, we all require positive mental and physical activities at work and outside of work.  With an active lifestyle not only do I attempt to perform my “big activity specific workouts” throughout the week, but, more importantly I carve out small bits of time for “mini workouts” throughout the day.  This often includes several 5-10 minute breathing and stretching breaks sprinkled before, in between and after work.

I tend to be a heavy toe walker and consequently my calf muscles end up paying the price.  A thorough standing calf stretch does just the trick.

Due to the nature of constantly sitting in the car, sitting at work and sitting at home my hamstrings and the muscles of my low back become shorter and stiffer.   Consequently this area really can get achy.  One of my favorite stretches is the “Cat/Camel” to alleviate the aches.

Sot that’s it for today’s discussion.  With all these mini exercises performed throughout the day I am able to keep up with whatever is thrown my way.  I hope this helps some one out there and I look forward to future discussion with the movement leaders in the world.   Go!