Hello to everyone out there on the world wide web.  This is Physical therapist Tim Madison over at Synergy Spine Therapy.  Where our goal is to help you become educated and empowered to fix ourself through movement.  It is not only our goal, but our way of life.  we hope to continued the movement discussion and the path that has led use to where we are now.  Over the next few posts I will share a conversation act physical therapist David Beltramo and I had recently.  Davis is a good friend of mine who Graduated from Duke University and also compete and Orthopedic Residency at the University of Utah.  When David is not practicing physical therapy you can find him climbing up Mount Rainier, alpine touring around Mount Hood or performing functional activity specific exercises training and preparation for his next big trip.  Over the next few posts we will outline 3-4 simple movements David thinks are integral to his regular day to day activity.